Friday, September 2, 2011

Fiber Frenzy in August

Now that it's almost time for our September Fiber Frenzy meeting, I'm getting around to posting about last month's. As usual, it was fun!

Anita and I gave the program, which you've heard way too much about, I'm sure! One of the most fun parts for me is to see what everyone has worked on. This month a challenge was due: Leaves.

Here are the results:

This is Anita's printed elephant ears:

Jodie's leaves:

Nancy's fern:

Shirley's beautiful quilt:

And for the most original interpretation of the challenge subject, Maddy's:

I wish I'd gotten a better picture of it--it was painted, and all kinds of stitching--it was just wonderful!

Oh, I almost forgot mine, mostly because I'm not thrilled with it, and of course, it's unfinished, but here it is anyway:

It was fun, though, and maybe I'll even finish it someday!

I hope I didn't leave anyone out--these were the only photos I could find. I think I'm going to choose my 2012 word early: ORGANIZATION!

Thanks for stopping by!

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