Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mini Tute II

I forgot to tell you about washing out the fabric after all your printing is done! Very important.

Start in the sink (or a pan), and rinse and rinse and rinse with cold water (you'll be able to feel the sliminess of the print paste). Next rinse, still in the sink, warm water with a bit of synthrapol. Next rinse, still in the sink, hot water with a bit of synthrapol. Then into the washer with synthrapol, for a long hot wash and rinse. Into the dryer and then you're done, ready to make your new creations!

As I said before, Kerr Grabowski is the expert of experts on this technique, and I highly recommend her DVD, Deconstructed Screen Printing. You can find it on her website.

Coming up close behind, though, is Anita Heady, who does beautiful work, is a teacher extraoirdinaire and put together a Power Point Presentation that kicks butt!

Hope you've enjoyed the tute--go out and have some fun!

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