I'm placing some of my newer pieces at the top, and then there will be random pieces from my budding art quilt journey. I hope you enjoy!

(Please excuse the photography, though not great yet, I'm getting better at that too!)

Evening Song (2011), needlefelted, hand embroidered, beaded and machine quilted:

Evening Song detail:

Fantasy Garden (2011), hand dyed fabrics, beaded. and machine quilted:

National Park (2011), needlefelted, hand embroidered, beaded and machine quilted on hand-dyed cotton background:

The Arbor (2011), needlefelted, hand embroidered and machine quilted on a hand-dyed background:

The Arbor detail:

This one doesn't have a title yet, but it was beaded and hand-embroidered on hand-painted homespun cotton and attached to a hand-dyed background:

Untitled detail:

This was one of my earlier works (2008), a collage, not an art quilt, that I did for a class I took. It's called "Colorado"

This was a piece I did for my daughter, probably in 2007 or 2008. It was a lot of fun! (My daughter is now 33, by the way!). It's called, "Red Fish, Blue Fish" in honor or Dr. Seuss:

Another art quilt I made in a class with Ellen Lindner, called "Sunflower Serenade:"

I seem to finding pics of only the early quilts right now, so I'll keep going. This one was another from a class I took (I must have taken 2 dozen online classes the year after I discovered art quilting!). Sorry I can't remember the name.

This piece, called "Memories" was done earlier this year, or late last year, after my first attempt at deconstructed screen printing:

And just to finish this post off with another beginner quilt, I did a "Halloweenish" piece while exploring where my wings might take me:

Keep checking back--I'll add more (and better I hope) pieces along the way. I may even get them organized some day!