Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stick bugs

Usually I "stick" to fiber art topics, but this little fellow caught my eye:

Can you see it? Looks just like a stick stuck to my screen. Must be why they (or is it just me) call them "stick bugs." But even after staring and staring and taking this photo, it didn't move, so I just gave it a little nudge off the screen, thinking, maybe it really IS a stick.

But look, it looks just the same. Now I'm REALLY wondering. So I put my foot down near it. Have you noticed that at no time did I touch it? I REALLY, REALLY am freaked out by bugs, but this one is different, that is, until he moved.

Yep, it was definitely a bug, and now that my curiosity was satisfied I was ready to get away. My little dog, Sweet Pea, who likes to catch and eat bugs, sat staring at it, with his head cocked, as if not knowing what to make of it. So it's appearance is a deterrence to not only bug predators, but to humans and dogs as well! Just a fascinating creature!


  1. Very cool. I thought maybe you had a typo about stink bugs or you were talking about a praying mantis but no it is a stick bug. Isn't nature amazing. He'd make an interesting quilt. Maybe with the dog staring at him.

  2. Thanks, it is fascinating! Like the idea of a quilt if could pull it off. Maybe more of an abstraction.

  3. Aren't they wonderful!!! We had a Praying Mantis on our deck yesterday and spent a good bit of time watching it!!

  4. We always called these "walking sticks," and I think it is in the praying mantis family.
    Martha Ginn