Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome, 2012!

Many on my Quilt Art list choose a word to live by for the new year. Last year I could never decide on a word, and that's about how my year went--indecision all over the place. So, over the last few weeks, I've thought and thought about it, and I've chosen my word for 2012: OPEN.

This year I want to be open to the possibilities, opportunities, serendipitous moments, to love and laughter and friendship, to new ideas, new directions, to unexplored paths and to revisiting things left undone, to God, to the universe, and most of all, to my wonderful family.

2011 was a difficult year, but left me with an everlasting thankfulness for my family and friends, my health, my work and my creativity.

I hope each and every one of you have a blessed and happy 2012!


  1. What a great word for this year. Seems that 2011 was a tough year for lots of us, and I have much hope for the coming year. That's my word for this year--hope.

  2. Yes, I'm full of hope, too. Wishing you well in the new year!

  3. Hi! I generally only lure on the art quilt list as I'm new to it ... but I love your word for the coming year. Being new to the list means this is the first I've heard of claiming a word to live by, so I don't have one as yet but might in coming days. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Here's to a new year filled with LOTS of fun creative moments!!!!

  5. What a good explanation of the word Open. I like it. I've never chosen a word for the year, maybe I should give it some thought.