Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've Been Busy!

I've finally gotten out of my slump and have been busy this week.

I finished some minimees, this time, instead of mounting them on canvas or mat board, I made them into little quilts and I have to say I like them very much!

12" x 12"
City Street
c 2011

And a detail:

Watery Wonderland:

Watery Wonderland
12.5" x 13"
c 2011

And a detail:

And a landscape:

12" x 14"
Evening Song
c 2011

And a final detail:

I've also been dyeing. I got some gradation dyeing kits from ProChem and it's really been fun. These kits have only 3 colors of dye and will dye 30 fat eighths plus one yard. It's really an experiment (to me) in color mixing. I followed the directions to a tee for the first batch, using Tangerine, Sapphire Blue and Boysenberry from a kit called "Flower Garden." The three colors alone were gorgeous, but look what happened when they were mixed:

 I loved the colors, but I wasn't happy with the big blobs of white. So the next time I wet the fabric before putting it into the cups, and I dyed fat quarters instead of fat eighths. This kit was called "Sea and Sky" and produced some much calmer and cooler pieces:

AND I have an announcement to make! My work will be hung at Jittery Joe's (on the east side of Athens) for the month of July. I know, it's not the Met, but it's a start and I can't wait! If you're in the area, stop in and take a look. Jittery Joe's is on Gaine's School Road, in the Publix shopping center next to Chick-Fil-A.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These are great! I especially love the Watery Wonderland! AND it is no small thing to show your work somewhere! Congratulations! Lots and lots of people will see it in Jittery Joes! I definitely will get over there to see it myself!

  2. I like these, especially the landscapes. Kudos on getting exhibition space.

  3. Love your mimimees, and your experiments with dyeing are impressive too. Congrats on getting a showcase for your work!

  4. Beautiful work as usual. I love the dyeing but haven't yet invested the time and energy into trying it.

    Congrats on the JJ's show. I will look forward to seeing it and saying casually...."Oh, I know the artist!!!!"