Monday, June 20, 2011

"Capturing Nature" Class at the Dragonfly

I know I haven't been very good about writing lately. No good excuses, just haven't done it. The last fun thing that I did was teach a class at the Dragonfly Quilt Shop in Watkinsville GA.

I had 9 students and it was great seeing what they all came up with. Some were independent from the start, choosing a different flower than the day lily that I had planned. I love that and encourage it for my students. Some had a hard time creating, hmm, let's say "a less than structured" art quilt. That's great too, and something else that I encourage. I like to tell my students to leave their perfectionism at home, it's time to play and have fun. And we did have fun!

I have photos for 8 of the 9 students and must apologize to whoever I left out. I also have to apologize for not remembering some students' names. I knew I should have blogged about the class the next day, or some things are bound to be lost in the deep recesses of the little bit of mind I have left--never to return!

Enjoy these photos that I took early on in the class, during the construction phase and before the stitching began:

Isn't it fun to see how their personalities come through? That's just one of the reasons why I love teaching! Not to mention the instant camaraderie and the fact that I ALWAYS learn from my students. It's just a win-win situation!

Bye for now. Hope to be back soon.

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